The Lord has blessed us with a challenge to travel to Texas and spread HIS word to those who will listen. There is an urgency in Heaven. The Lord has a work to do and time is running out for those who deny HIM or who deliberately turn their backs on HIM.

God will have the final say in everything.

We are set to be in Beaumont, Texas as our base but will be travelling to Schambach Ministries in Tyler, Texas, as well as preaching in Beaumont and speaking to a gathering of Pastors during our time there.

Lord set your people on fire, and let Texas be the spark that brings America back to your altar.


"Together let us climb GOD's Holy Hill"



Welcome to


A land where we are seeking to be "A People Saturated by God"

"Scotland for Christ "

is the Battle Cry for our Outreach Work in Scotland.

We came about after much prayer and scripture reading following a revelation from the Lord at 04.46 am on the morning of 5th. November 1987.

This revelation was received by three Christians at the same time but who were in different parts of the City of Aberdeen at the time.

Scotland is at war with the devil and his hoards, just as in the past when we were at war against England over the freedom to have no other King but Jesus as head of the Church. Or the wars portrayed in such movies as Braveheart. Or the Jacobite uprisings in 1715 and in 1745 ending with defeat for the Scottish Highlanders on Culloden Moor on April 16th 1746. Now God is again calling Scots to bear arms and rise against the auld enemy. In this case the enemy is the devil, the arms we are to bear refers to HIS word, prayer & fasting and be moved by the Holy Spirit and not man's rule and systems.

As a Ministry Globally and Locally, we remain in close contact with and continue to work with and for the Scottish Remnant Church Groups currently active across Scotland, as well as the Ministries listed below:


Evangelism International in Chesapeake, Virginia as we work towards a series of Revival Crusades in Scotland. These Crusades are headed up by Rev. Gene Strickland of Evangelism International. .

World Evangelism Fellowship (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tell Them Fellowship Network We are at the moment working with Bishop August Francis and his American team at setting up a joint venture of setting up an on line Bible Institute.

We are proud to stand alongside the work and Ministry of Schambach Minsitries. I can still recall the first time I heard the late R. W. Schambach preach, it was at an Easter Camp Meeting at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, back in 1989.

We are also involved with other Ministries in America, Africa and India where we offer training and support through our joint ventures of The Remnant Church Bible Institute and through the International Chaplain's Federation where we help to train and support Community Chaplains and Emergency Response Chaplains Globally

Please continue to check on our progress.

Bill Mackie


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